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Youth Athletics

The Cambridge Community Activities Program offers a recreation based youth sports program which emphasizes all inclusive participation, fun, skill development, sportsmanship, and safety.  Our philosophy is to instill teamwork, a positive attitude, and a lifetime appreciation of physical activity through youth sports programs.  We value respect, responsibility, and cooperation, and expect all participants, parents, and coaches to uphold these standards.

The core of each of these sports is to introduce first time athletes to competition, develop required skills, and prepare them for the next level of competition.

Each program is supported by community volunteers and CAP staff.

Did you know……

Coaches receive a 50% discount!

That’s right; coaches will receive 50% off the cost of registration for the specific child’s team they are coaching. To be eligible for the coaching discount, coaches MUST attend the preseason coaches meeting or make arrangements to meet individually with the Recreation Coordinator.

Another way that CAP says THANK YOU to our volunteer coaches!





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